The Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage Superman movie that was never made! Documentary via Kickstarter needs your help!

Once upon a time Tim Burton was to make a Superman film titled Superman Lives and starring none other than Nicolas Cage as the titular hero. This was to be a disaster of epic proportions. Just look at the suit designs to get an idea. Luckily that concept never got off the ground (pun intended), and now Metalocalypse producer Jon Schnepp is needing our help via Kickstarter to fund a truly amazing documentary on this failed concept. Click the link to read more about this "WTF was Tim Burton thinking?!" nonsense and to possibly help make this thing happen. Every dollar helps. I'm in!!

Click HERE to view the article over at joblo.com


  1. I totally want to see this. I rarely donate to Kickstarter but this documentary sounds like a must. I just hope that DC don't try and block it. Those suits are absolutely nuts.

    1. I am with you on that brother. This looks to be simply aaaaaamazing. This documentary "must" happen.