A Message from robotGEEK...

I just wanted to take this moment to let everyone know that I will probably be putting my reviews on hiatus for a short while. Unless I just watched something that I absolutely have to tell you all about, it's looking more and more likely that I'll have to put this website on the back burner for the time being. My photography side-hustle has become a full time passion and as it grows into a legitimate business, it's taking up all of my free time because I still have a full time job. However, I can't see myself giving this up entirely because I still watch an insane amount of cult classics and still enjoy discussing them.

Thank you to all of you who have followed my journey on here, who continue to check in for new reviews. It means the world to me and it's because of you that I keep doing it. I think for the time being it just won't be very often.

I would encourage you to follow my robotGEEK Instagram page where I post mini reviews on the films I watch daily. Right now it's the best I can do when it comes to reviews. If you're interested in checking out my photography, please check out my Instagram photography page @backwindfilm. Your support and encouragement will mean the world to me, and it's honestly what keeps me going through this new path in life. I haven't gotten around to creating an official website for my photo's yet, but I will. Thank you.

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