Update on where I've been...

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been pretty absent from this blog for over a few months now. Randomly I'll make an attempt to post something, but more times than not, I don't. The holiday's were pretty crazy for me with family visiting and whatnot, but honestly, the main thing, or hobby rather, that's been keeping me busy morning, noon and night is collecting. I've always been a collector, always. Sometimes it's exclusively VHS, sometimes figures, sometimes Laserdisc. I've always been that way and collecting has and always will be a passion of mine and as you may know, it's not something that you can always do because of your financial situation. This is the reason why I had to take a good long break from pretty much buying anything I loved to collect for a very long time.

Recently, my life in general has become comfortable enough that I can now afford to get back into finding the things that make me happy; mainly toys and games from my childhood, action figures, collectibles, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, and pretty much anything that makes me who I am. And that would be a big kid at heart.

While I will be posting reviews from time to time on here, it will be random and much less frequent than before. That is unless I build a passion for it again. But at this time, it's in collecting, which brings me to another topic.

I've created a new blog dedicated solely to my stuff. I love the idea of being able to share rare finds, badass buys and just retro stuff in general with other fellow nerds, collectors and enthusiasts like myself. That page is Robo-Bit.blogspot.com. Here I will be posting things I find, recent buys, and everything in between. I guess you can say it's like Tumblr, but this would be my own thing. Essentially it's just all the things I post on my Instagram page, which I've become quite busy on these past few months. Please add my new page to your blog list, favorite my page and please comment. I encourage conversation on all things geeky. I love it! I hope to hear from you all over there and please, let's get some dialogue going.


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