The Keep is streaming on Netflix!!

Yes! You read that correctly. Michael Mann's forgotten and hard to find early 80's horror film is available "once again" on Netflix's streaming service. This is BIG news people. Why? Because The Keep is a very hard film to come by. It's only ever been officially released on VHS and Laserdisc, never having gotten a DVD release as of yet. And the Laserdisc is the only way to be able to see it in Widescreen, but that Laserdisc will cost you a pretty penny. It ain't cheap. Through the years, the value of this rare widescreen Laserdisc has only increased as it's cult status grows and grows. But guess what?! The version streaming on Netflix is in widescreen!!!

Released in 1983, The Keep is writer/director Michael Mann's one and only attempt at horror, sandwiched right between Thief (1981) and Manhunter (1986). The Keep is great. It's a weird hybrid of horror and fantasy with some truly stunning and gorgeous camerwork. Tangerine Dream also supplies the soundtrack that is both haunting, beautiful, and also feels oddly out of place, but it somehow works.

There have been several stories online about why this has never gotten an official DVD or Blu-ray release. Because quite frankly, it's kind of shocking that it hasn't yet. It's been said that Michael Mann has disowned this film entirely, not being happy with the final product. But it's also been said that the reason it's never gotten officially released is because of some legal battle with Tangerine Dream and the rights to the music. Also, it appears Mann had made a 3 hour cut of the film, which was disastrously cut down to an hour and a half. But these are all stories, so who knows which, if any, of these are true.

So this is it people! Until they work out whatever needs to be worked out to get this baby out on DVD/Blu-ray, you won't have a better opportunity to see it like this. In widescreen no less! And you better hurry, because this was available over a year ago until they removed it for about a year. So get to it! Follow the link to Netflix HERE.

Apparently I've made a mistake. I decided to check this out last night and unfortunately, it is "not" in Widescreen. Which is surprising because when they were streaming it over a year ago, it "was" in widescreen. That's one of the things that I noticed immediately. So when they offered it again recently it seems they've decided to use a different print, which is a damn shame. So it is in full frame, but it does still have Tangerine Dream's stunning synth score. Sorry for the confusion. 


  1. I saw this one years ago on VHS and never saw it again...now I'm dying for a re-watch! The story behind this one is a fascinating one...sadly, we the audience suffer for whatever the reason. Hope this some day makes it out....it feels like the story is a similar one to Sam Raimi's Crimewave. I film that I would LOVE to own...but has sadly never seen the light of day on dvd or blue ray. I hate it when this happens to films!

    1. Francisco, prepare to get excited.